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More Information for Miracle League Social

Hey Warriors! I am a Field Director at Miracle League Pensacola and I am so THRILLED that the Warriors are coming out to help.

What we need the most are Buddies for the players during the games. We have two game times on Friday nights. The first game starts at 6pm and then if everyone would like to stay for the second set of games, the next game time is 7:15. We ask all volunteers to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the games so that we have time to assign all Buddies to teams. However, I know it is a work day, so if you cannot be there by 5:30, please try to be there by 5:45. Also, be sure to wear your Warrior shirts...especially this year's Despicable Warriors, as it is yellow (which is the same color as our Buddy shirts). Or ya'll can coordinate what you want to wear....that way we can show everyone how awesome the Warriors are! Being a Buddy is a lot of fun...and does not require any baseball knowledge at all, so don't let that stop you! Once you come out for one game and hang with the players of Miracle League, you will want to keep coming back, as it is such a wonderful and uplifting experience. Our players are pretty darn cool! Thanks Tracy and Rhonda for setting up this Volunteer Warrior Social! If you should have any questions about volunteering at Miracle League, please feel free to call, text or email me. Dawn Head aka BDQE Cell #572-0922

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