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There's no place like home -Dorothy A Note From Donna Johns

Once again we are re-inventing ourselves. I know for some it is easy-breezy and for others it is a challenge. DO NOT FREAK!! We are always here help our new Warriors and also those without any creative mind. You can always call me to ask if you are on the right path. My number is Donna Johns-phone- 206-7052, Work 626-5477. Not only have I given you sites for ideas, remember that Halloween is just around the corner and there are great buys at the end of the spooky season. Look around, there are costume makers in our community. Just ask your friends and family.


Have fun, this is your Krewe and your family!

Hooray Hooray for the

2018 Warriors of OZ

~Donna Johns

Click here to see links for costume ideas and Fun Wizard of oz facts.

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