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Float Update Nov. 4 Work-day

Subject: NOV 4th WORK-DAY


A repeated THANKS to those who diligently come out on Saturday Float Social Fun Decorating days!!! Without YOUR continued DEDICATION to YOUR floats we may NOT have floats in the upcoming Mardi Gras Season!

THANK YOU FOR LAST WEEKEND’s TURNOUT!!!!! We had more NEW Members than old Member, THANK YOU NEW MEMBERS, this is one of the best ways to get to know other Krewe members, new and seasoned!

GREAT NEWS!!!! OUR FLOATS are beaning painted and should be done by Saturday!

There are only 10 working Saturdays left, yes ONLY 10 before we roll in the Mardi Gras Parade.

Things coming up that may impact our work schedule:

  1. Art’s Festival

  2. Blues Homecoming

  3. Miracle League

  4. Football Games

  5. Thanksgivings

  6. Christmas

  7. New Year’s Eve

That said, we still have A LOT to accomplish before we roll. I have listed below some tasks I would like for us to accomplish this weekend:

  1. Finish painting

  2. Lollipops

  3. Poppies

  4. Stems inserted

  5. Lollipops

  6. Poppies

  7. Bike

  8. Paint

  9. Collaborate attaching to float

  10. Split Rails fence cut and panted

  11. Tumbleweeds – 2 of them

  12. Make

  13. Paint

  14. Paint Yellow Brick Road on all 3 floats – start

  15. Tornados – 2 of them (built w/ hula hoops and tomato cages

  16. Paint schema finalize for both floats

  17. Trees

  18. Built

  19. Painted

  20. Special effects

  21. Come up with a paint scream for our “WARRIORS” letters


  1. Design for middle of court float. Any suggestions?

  2. Mrs. Gulch for the bike

  3. Doll?

  4. Dress for doll?

i. Buy?

ii. Someone make?

REMINDER: I need a head count for Saturday, Nov 11th, so we can plan on the meal. Here are other activities going on that weekend:

  1. Blues Home Coming

  2. Auburn vs Texas A&M @ 1200pm

  3. Florida vs Missouri @1200pm

  4. South Carolina vs Georgia

  5. LSU Vs Alabama 800pm

Please come out and join us on Saturday for the Float Social Fun Decorating day!!! If you would like to provide something to eat after we’ve painted, decorated, laughed, drank, and had fun please let me know ASAP so I don’t make other arrangements.

One last thing, it is never too early to start asking (begging) for Safety Walkers. The requirements for safety walkers are as follows; they need to be 18+ years and they cannot drink while walking. This is always a good way to introduce potential new members to the Krewe. If you know someone or some group, let me know. Keep in mind, there is a maximum and minimum number of safety walkers allowed.

John D. Johnson (AKA JJ)

Float Chair 2017

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